"Liberty Fabrics: Pioneering Design and Decor since 1875"

With a heritage dating back to 1875, Liberty Fabrics stands as a trailblazer in design and the decorative arts. Founded by the adventurous spirit of Arthur Lasenby Liberty, the brand is inherently driven by a relentless pursuit of discovery. Nestled in its iconic London location, Liberty has steadfastly honored its roots and is celebrated for its vibrant floral prints, maintaining a deep connection with the realms of arts and culture. The brand continues to build on its founder's enduring legacy, persistently seeking the novel and the exquisite.

Liberty's interior fabrics and wallpapers pay homage to its historic dedication to craftsmanship and storytelling. The brand revives archival Liberty prints, presenting them alongside contemporary artworks meticulously crafted in the London design studio. The rich legacy, stored within an archive boasting over 50,000 pattern books, paintings, and drawings collected since the 1880s, serves as the wellspring of inspiration for today's designers."