Little Greene

Little Greene: Crafting Quality Paints and Wallpapers

Little Greene, a British independent paint manufacturer, stands as a beacon of quality and sustainability. Their paints and wallpapers, reflecting 300 years of design history, represent a commitment to social and environmental responsibility. Nestled in the picturesque foothills of Mount Snowdon in North Wales, Little Greene operates its own factory, producing traditional and modern finishes for interior and exterior use. With roots dating to 1773 at the Little Greene Dye Works in Manchester, the brand's artisanal approach to paint-making remains unchanged. They use natural, organic ingredients and safe synthetic pigments to achieve vivid colors and excellent coverage. Environmental responsibility is a core principle, evident through their eco-friendly paint finishes and low-impact manufacturing.

Little Greene's dedication to sustainability extends to their packaging and support for local industries, aligning with their vision for eco-friendly interiors. The Intelligent range of water-based child-safe paints underscores their commitment to quality, safety, and environmental well-being, offering effortless application, quick drying, and durability for modern family living. With a history steeped in craftsmanship and a focus on eco-friendly practices, Little Greene continues to lead in quality paints and wallpapers that stand the test of time.