About Us

Our Story

Colors that bring emotions...

Maison Pavlin is a multi-brand interior decoration products distributor. Through its peacock symbol, it showcases innovation, creativity and the value of nature, through colors and patterns expertise. With a broad variety of products options, Maison Pavlin aims at creating unforgettable emotions in living spaces.

Maison Pavlin provides home decoration products with its collections of wall paints, wallpapers, wall coverings and fabrics. By collaborating with European brands with strong identity and history from countries such as France, England, Italy and Portugal, it creates architectural distinction on the walls of various spaces such as hotels, villas, residences and workplaces.

Among its partners, there are also brands that play a role in the renovation of Europe's most iconic buildings and museums. The most significant feature of the brands is their use of eco-friendly materials that do not harm nature or human health, producing long-lasting products that contribute to reducing the carbon footprint. Maison Pavlin stands out with its sustainable, nature-friendly brands, providing quality interior design products that exceed global standards with the best and most original colors, patterns and textures.

Our Team

Our team has a strong experience in imports and distribution of decorative products. We have developed a keen eye to sense the trends and source products that will bring that exclusive touch to your interior. The Maison Pavlin family is constantly developing and trained to improve their workmanship to turn your dream spaces into reality. 

Vision & Mission


Creating unforgettable emotions in living spaces by using the elegant colors inspired by nature.


To provide quality interior design products that exceeds global standards with the best and most original colors, patterns, and textures.


It is our core value, in our relationships with partners and customers, in our promise and in the rendering of the colors we are proposing to you.


We are committed to work with suppliers and partners active in their CSR policies and providing durable products.


This comes from our European origins, we are not afraid to get out of our comfort zone to provide creative and outside the box solutions.


We are committed to deliver the best products and services. We always go the extra mile to make all your projects a success.


What is life without a bit of fantasy? We are hard worker but we love to make new friends and organize events.